Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nothing Serious by Barbara Morgenroth

Declaring freedom from the internet and the city, Paige Elliott heads for the Catskills. Opening a shop, Nothing Serious, Paige nearly nails her hand to the wall trying to hang her sign, avoids zoning board jail and falls for Jonathan Macklin, the antiques dealer next door. She spots a rare portrait at an auction, and borrows money from Jonathan to buy it. The windfall for the lost masterpiece is used to bail a local character out of jail. When Paige can’t pay Jonathan back, he thinks the worst. She has been treating life, her art and love as nothing serious for so long; can she change in time to be with Jonathan?

Nothing Serious is a fun, entertaining read, filled with likeable, quirky characters who keep the plot moving nicely along. Paige is the kind of heroine you could share good conversation with, over coffee and doughnuts, in the local diner. In Kanah Springs, Ms Morgenroth has brought us a town, filled with cute festivals and unique inhabitants.

I found Ms Morgenroth to possess a smooth sense of humour which shone through in her writing. Through the use of character conversations, the author allows her sense of fun and comedy to reach the reader, in a gentle and personal manner. The story follows Paige and her swift move to a new town, where mishaps and misunderstandings seem to follow her like a lost puppy. Throughout it all however, our heroine manages to shine.

As Paige battles her internet cold turkey and the confines of her tiny shower cubicle, she finds it a struggle to come to terms with life in a small town. Her attraction to Jonathan Macklin however seems to go some way to easing her woes. But with a huge misunderstanding over money, the reader begins to wonder if Paige will manage to turn things around and finally get her man. If you enjoy a swift moving story line, filled with wit and banter, then Nothing Serious is worth taking a peek at.

Put the kettle on and grab this book.
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